Jun 22, 2022

Glacier National Park Engagement Video

Holy Nostalgia!

Even though this clip is short, it sure does a great job of hitting ya in the feels! For me, the clip almost seems like a memory, a hit of nostalgia. But why?

Understanding why a video makes the viewer feel a certain way isn’t something the average person considers, but as a wedding filmmaker, it’s crucial to understand.



Notice how shaky and “imperfect” the last shot of the video is. The subjects aren’t perfectly framed or in focus for the entire shot. There’s so much movement and energy that it even takes the viewer a moment to piece together what’s going on.

This style of filming leaves little “gaps” that the viewer has to fill in, perhaps subconsciously: “Okay, this couple is spinning, and laughing. Are they still next to the lake? It looks like they are about to kiss. What are they laughing at?”

These “gaps” are exactly how our memories work! You don’t remember every single detail, you remember the feeling.

(Note: Shout out to Jay and Mack – a couple amazing wedding filmmakers – who inspired that last shot and who originally used this audio on TikTok/Instagram)

“Handheld” camera setup on the left. Gimbal on the right allows for perfectly smooth shots.


This audio has a rad nostalgic vibe, which also has a huge influence…but that’s enough blogging for today


Glacier National Park, Montana



Glacier National Park Engagement Video

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