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When the topic comes up among wedding photo/video people, especially highly successful ones, someone inevitably looks deep into my eyes and speaks with a tone that makes me feel like I’m a teenager listening to my parents: “You NEED to blog.” 

“Umm, no one reads blogs. Especially people in their early twenties (our primary client demographic).”

“That doesn’t matter, we blog to appease the gods of Google.”

Styled wedding shoot in Bozeman, Montana. Hosted by Amber Renee Photographer.


1) Improve SEO

2) Share thoughts/advice

3) Blog as portfolio

#1 – Improve SEO

The primary reason for wedding videographers to blog seems to be that it increases website traffic, which pleases the Google algorithm (a.k.a. SEO – Search Engine Optimization). Then, if all goes to plan, when a potential client types “wedding videographer” into Google, your website won’t show up as number 19,000,307.

#2 – Share thoughts/advice

Most common: write helpful articles for potential clients – i.e. “Tips for Your Engagement Photo Session

Less common: share behind-the-scenes moments from your life. Potential clients dig seeing the person behind the camera – i.e. Casey Neistat.

Least common: You’re so damn smart that people tune in just to hear your thoughts on business (Seth Godin), life (Naval), or anything really.

I’m too dumb for the last option, but the other two sound about right!

#3 – Many photo/video-graphers use their blog as a portfolio

This is for the lazy ones. It accomplishes #1 without having to do anything…pretty smart, actually.

Okay, I’m half joking. It’s also a cool way to show larger bodies of work to potential clients. You can show full galleries, for example, instead of only a couple highlights on your “Portfolio” page.


The end

First blog complete. Let’s see where it goes from here!

Oooo love that gritty black and white look!

Photo cred: taken by yours truly. At Amber Renee Photographer‘s Bozeman, MT styled shoot.

Idea cred: Danielle Mullens Photography – One of the photographers who has stressed to me how important blogging is!

Thanks you two! 🙂

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