May 29, 2022

Missoula, Montana Engagement Video

Let’s Get Married

So. Much. Fun.

The scenery was off the charts. Golden hour lighting…perfect. And most importantly, this amazing couple was able to open up in a way that allowed their true colors to shine through.

Audio Is King

As I wrote in my previous blog, spoken audio is crucial for a striking wedding film. I put this idea to practice for this engagement shoot by trying something new (I haven’t seen anyone else in the industry do this, and it worked SO well!)

I gave the couple a microphone and walked away:

Montana wedding audio recording


The goal was to collect soundbites that represent them and their story, and oooooo, did it work out perfectly! “I love you” “I’ve dreamt of this day my whole life” and more, were the perfect additions.

A less tangible, but perhaps even more useful benefit: listening to the 15 minute recording helped me to understand this couple on a deeper level. That’s one of my highest priorities! Even though I only used a handful of soundbites in the actual engagement video, I gained a much better understanding of who they are. That means when it’s time for the Main Event – crafting their wedding film – I’ll be able to create something that truly represents them and their story. And that’s what it’s all about, fam.

Montana wedding golden hour.
Montana wedding video in the mountains.
Montana couple in the mountains. Wedding Film.



Missoula Montana Engagement Video

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