May 17, 2022

Spoken Audio Is Key For A Striking Wedding Film

CheersMT asked me to contribute to their blog.

Read it here: Preparing For The Wedding Day With Cheers MT Vendors!

The question posed to vendors:

“How can couples prepare for their big day?”

My response:

As a videographer, my goal is to capture authentic emotion and weave it into a film that not only tells the story of the wedding day but also tells the story of you. For me to tell your story with depth, capturing spoken audio of you and your loved ones is crucial.

Authentic Emotion in Montana Wedding Films
Pretty mountain views are great, but it’s the audio that takes a film to the next level.


When crafting the day-of timeline, work with your videographer to create opportunities for authentic emotion to shine through – especially moments that involve speaking.

Compare two wedding films:


  • You see the Groom crying as his Bride walks down the aisle
  • Pretty music is playing


  • You see the Groom crying as his Bride walks down the aisle
  • Pretty music is playing


  • The film cuts to a scene earlier in the day where the Groom is reading a letter he wrote to his Bride.
  • You hear the Groom narrate, with a shaky voice, why he fell in love with this woman. He explains how he’s waited his whole life for this moment.
  • The film cuts back to the Groom’s emotion-filled eyes during the Ceremony.

Film #2 has so much more power and depth. It’s no comparison!

a couple options that are hugely beneficial for video:

First Look

First Touch

Letter Exchange

Personal Vows

Mini Interview*

*Mini Interview happens during the “getting ready time” and is one of my favorites! Example: Bride and Bridesmaids sit down with the videographer. Videographer asks the Bride to explain to the Bridesmaids, “Why him?”

These moments often produce the most touching scenes in a wedding film, and capturing them may be the best way to transport you back to those once-in-a-lifetime emotions.


Capturing spoken audio, with authentic emotion behind it, is key for a striking wedding film. Plan it in!

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